RU - tiny Blender 3D render farm

About the project

The reasons of creation

In the Internet already exists many render farms in many times more powerful and by price suitable. But free render farms such as Sheep it offers participating in it's infrastructure. I.e. you download client and your computer renders foreign projects for scores. And for these scores you get advantage in queue for your own projects. If you have small amount of projects, then prepare to wait minimum 8 hours before rendering of your project will started.

So as I don't like such conditions I have opened this project. offers to you fundamentally other conditions. It builds queue based on duration of projects, and if your task on rendering short, then it gets maximal priority in the queue. But for each projects set maximum more short projects, which it can pass. If queue is "full" (i.e. in it exists projects reached limit on pass short projects) then you have to pass all such projects and others before it. And no any clients which runs on your computer.

All it you can get absolutely free by money. But the price there is. So as Im from Open Source community, then obviously, that the price of free rendering is openness of your project. You must open source blend-files, textures, all that necessary to get final video or image in public access. To where? To this site of course.

The power of the farm

Now the power of the render farm is not big. It is one Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz with 14 cores and one GPU GeForce GTX1080Ti. So the project not for you if yourself have Xeon at home. It is for you if your computer is more budget and you dislike to wait hours while your small project renders hours.

About paid services and acceleration

For evolution of the project the render farm must be compensated. By this reason in the near future there will appear paid services - if you don't want open your project you have to pay 100% of rendering. For this you also get additional priority in the queue - render farm will process such projects as in 2 times more short.

Render farm has one unique feature - it remembers hash sums of all frames which it rendered and by this price works "acceleration" option of rendering. If some frame you have repeated more than 10 times render-farm will try to skip all repeated frames. If 10 frames running matches with some other open (or that more possible with your previous version) project, then render-farm will try copy all repeated frames from previous project. The price of denial from such "acceleration" - paying not less 50% of the rendering.

If you want support the project you can pay any part of rendering from 1 to 100%. By the way you can support the project by paying part or fully not payed open renderings.

About price formation

Render farms in Internet offers different prices of services, but usual it is 2-4 cents per GHz per hour. I don't know if they account 14 cores with Hyper-threading'ом for 28 cores, but just in case will take the price of one GHz-hour for 2.1 cents and multiply it on 14 cores and 2.4 GHz. So the price for rendering on CPU is $0.7 per hour. GPU on some tasks works faster, on some slower, but and for it's work I give the price $0.7 per hour.

About evolution of the farm

Ideally I have to reach 100% loading of farm and 50% payed projects, then already in half-year farm will have double power. If loading of the farm again will reach 100% and the part of payed projects don't goes down then yet in half year will be bought third server and so on.