RU - tiny Blender 3D render farm

Manual of using the farm

To render your project on the farm you have to register (link to register at the upper right corner), enter to the site and on the main page will appear link "Add your own project".

Adding of a project

On the page "Add project" the mandatory fields are:
Other fields:
After adding the project you can see project and "Add render task".

Adding of tasks

Choose the blender-file, specify start and end frame of rendering. If you want get on the output picture and not video, then start and end frame must be equal.
You can specify scene for rendering. The name of the scene must be specified without begining "_".
Rendering started from processing 5 random frames from your scene, and you can specify yet till 5 test frames separated by comma. It is necessary to define if the farm renders your project rightly. In other case the task may be cancelled.
Fluids baking supported, and also you can only bake to get ready files of simulation from repository and not bake yourself.
After adding you need only watch for status of the task. The page "task status" refreshes each 5 seconds, if the task is not finished and you are owner of the project.

By any questions send me mail on email in my profile.